Custom US574: The making of a customizable classic

i Thought this was Interesting Not becuz u can customize your on shoe but.. becuz New Balance ARE still Made-N-America..Most big companys like NEW BALANCE SALE out to oversea.. but thats cool keeping the jobs & the money where it needs to be. SALUTE 2 NEW BALANCE!!!

Recently, New Balance introduced the Custom US574. Just like its competitors, New Balance offers a variety of colors to customize your 574’s and even includes the option of custom embroidery. But what makes these Newbies different? The difference is their place of origin – not Vietnam, not Malaysia or Indonesia, but good ol’ US-of-A. “[New Balance’s] commitment to crafting each US574 in Norridgewock reflects our broader commitment to domestic manufacturing, under which we produce 25% of the New Balance shoes we sell in North America in the US.”


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