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Spa House by Metropolis Design

im tryin to moving in tomorrow!!!!
The Spa House by Metropolis Design is a stunning residence in Cape Town/South Africa. Metropolis Design are known their contemporary perspective realising projects both in architecture and interior design. Built on a mountain, this paradise residence is more of a luxury spa than a home. Water is an element with continuous presence in this space. The living areas were designed to allow a unique view of both the pool and the incredible surroundings. The Spa is located below the water level of the pool and has a direct view into it through large glass windows.


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Jay-Z (@S_C_) Where Im From (Barclays Center Documentary) #jayz #brooklyn

This was Dope!!!

This short documentary gives us a behind the scenes look at the went into the creation of Jay-Z’s Barclays Center opening concerts which took place into the new arena in Brooklyn.

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Video- Premiere: Lloyd “The Question” [The Playboy Diaries, Vol. I]

i Dont Post alot of muzic video’s in this blog but this is my homie & has been for along time.. got to support home team!!! Plus i like this joint!!! young goldie i see u!!!

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Residence Oedberg by Project A01 Architects

I just want to stay here for a week lol..
This contemporary residence was created by Project A01 Architects and is located in Klosterneuburg/Austria. The design was inspired by a series of American homes called ‘Case Study Houses’ commissioned by Arts & Architecture Magazine between 1945 and 1966. The initial approach for the project is the central courtyard that follows the perception case study houses. It is defined as the Central living room with a special atmosphere. The whole living area gathers around this open space while the pool frames the landscape, and enclosures the courtyard. The sloping terrain is raised up to a constructed platform, simultaneously extending the garden area. A Pergola is reminiscent of the California “case study houses” of the 1950s.

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The Brooklyn Nets Logo- Brooklynites Debate the Simplicity #nets #brooklyn

Me Myself i like the new Nets Logo.. What do you guys think?

Now that the inaugural Brooklyn Nets season is in full effect, we take look back at one, if not the only, defining characteristic of the franchise thus far — its logo. Inspired by the old, pre-MTA subway system typeface, the Brooklyn Nets logo has sparked intrigue, debate, and controversy for a number of different reasons. Its simplicity, often held in high regard by designers, is also somewhat contested by residents of the city for not exhibiting the liveliness and character associated with the borough. In the above video, various citizens of Brooklyn weigh-in and give their take on the design. We also hear from several team executives who were involved in the re-branding process, whom offer a high-level perspective regarding the decisions made in transforming the Nets into their current aesthetic.

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Carhartt WIP F/W 2012 Illustration Ad Campaign by SHOHEI #Carhartt


SHOHEI is an illustrator based in Tokyo. He mainly works with ballpoint pens and marker pens on illustration boards and often depics Japanese culture from his unique perspective.

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Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Live-Action Trailer



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