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Watch the Official Trailer for ‘Downloaded: The Digital Revolution’

ThIS SHOULD BE good… i always said.. the music game should have got down with these guys instead of trying to sue them!

Downloaded: The Digital Revolution is a VH1 Rock Doc production directed by Alex Winter, who made the leap from acting to directing with Freaked in 1993 and Fever in 1999. The films main focus is that of the advent of digital media sharing, including the rise of Napster and controversial pioneers Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker.


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BONES Wheels ‘New Ground’ Video – Trailer #crazy

WOW This is CRAZY.. I Love it!!! wish i had the balls to do it!!! lol


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Nintendo Wii U review

Nintendo’s new console is an anomaly in the game console ecosystem, but not for Nintendo. The company that — in just the last decade — popularized stylus-powered gaming, microphone-powered gaming and motion-based gaming, is once again pushing game control inputs forward. And just like its previous consoles, lessons learned from past hardware build the foundation of its latest effort: the Wii U and its bizarre-looking, but conventionally named, “GamePad.”

The Wii U console itself, for instance, looks almost exactly like the original Wii. It’s longer (10.6 inches vs. 8.5 inches for the Wii), a bit rounder on the edges, and there’s an HDMI port out back, but overall it’s quite similar to its squatter predecessor. It’s enough that you’d get the two confused if they were sitting in the same entertainment center. Naturally, the beefed-up internals and Wii backwards compatibility mean you’ll likely be replacing the ol’ virtual tennis machine should you choose to pick one up.

Of course, the GamePad is the real star of the show here, bolstered by Nintendo’s ambitious “TVii” experiment. Everyone’s favorite Italian plumber looks super in HD, no doubt, but how software employs the multifaceted touchscreen tablet / traditional game controller hybrid is what really matters. So, how does the Wii U fare? Find out below.

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ORA Audio-The Ultimate Sound System for the iPad #ORA Audio #ipad #UltimateSound

This nice they should make a iphone case!!!

ORA Audio delivers truly immersive sound for your iPad. The quality sound your iPad deserves in a beautifully crafted, go-anywhere design. ORA has eight tuned, front-facing speakers surrounding the screen, turning your iPad into a portable entertainment system that reportedly is five-times the sound volume as your iPad alone.

Go to ORA Kickstarter page for more information and to back the project.

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Music Video: Kid Cudi’s WZRD – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie #kidcudi #wzrd

iLike everything Cudi make’s True Talent!!!

This song was release a year ago and they finally give us the video!!!

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Top Earning Dead Celebrities

im not suprized.. but im still Like WOW

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Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Live-Action Trailer



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